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Business Administration

Faculty of Business Administration

The merchandise and services supporting our affluent lives are offered by enterprises. Business Administration is a field to stay the system and the action principals of such enterprises being at the core of the society. It is said that enterprise management exists to manage and apply business resources such as manpower, goods, money and information efficiently. The Faculty provides students with various study programs to thoroughly master the specialized knowledge and technology required to manage business resources as well as to foster better entrepreneurs and excellent leaders. There are six courses in the faculty: Business Management, Information, Accounting, Distribution, Management Education and International Business.
 Business Administration is a practical study closely connected with the development of industrial society. The Faculty also provides students with the practical learning opportunities, computer education so that all students can master the operation of Personal Computer, and an internship system in which students acquire credits through on-the-job training at companies. It is the great feature of the Faculty to foster capable people with education including both theory and practice.

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