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Humanities (Sociology)

Faculty of Humanities(Sociology Department)

The educational goal of the Department is to foster self-supporting citizens with intellectual capability and independence. Sociology is extremely suitable to the cultivation of human resources as society members who can think of society earnestly, have consciousness and responsibility and act to build a better society. The Department expects that students learning the knowledge of sociology and sociological research methods will have the capability of offering challenges by themselves, collecting and analyzing necessary information, grasping and reporting situations exactly, and proper policy and taking actions policy.

 The Department is characterized by the balance and system of basic and specialized education. In order to use these features efficiently, seminar classes in which teachers in charge provide students with learning guide are arranged to each grade.
 As a substantial basic education, the Department trains students beginning with the first year to acquire the capability of receiving and dispatching preciseinformation,and consolidates the foundations of their Japanese and foreign language skills focused on English and operation of PC. Moreover, the Department prepares numbers of creative subjects for students to acquire the power of surviving modern society. In addition, the curriculum is designed so that students can acquire a wide range of cultural knowledge.
 The specialized education in the Department includes six courses, Sociological Theory, Social Research, regional, International and Environmental issues, Media and Modern Society, and Social welfare. Students can learn systematically focusing on the specific courses of their interest.

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