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Humanities (English)

Faculty of Humanities(English Department)

The English Department aims at cultivating a selfsufficient person with an international outlook who can take an active role in the front line of the international society. The basic goal is to make students acquire English skills as a communication tool. Students are also expected to have global view point concerning human beings, languages and cultures through the studies of the histories and contemporary international issues in Englishspeaking countries, intercultural communication, English literature, linguistics and education.
 The Department is characterized by a curriculum focused on using English practically. English for International Communication (EIC) is a compulsory subject for first year students to third year students. Students are placed into five different classes according to their English level and take English native speakers’ lessons. English composition is a compulsory subject on essay writing for second year students. There are five classes that native speakers are in charge of as well. A computer instructional network program is required for first year to third year students. As a part of the program, students are obliged to take the Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) three times a year. Some who entered the university after 2005 when the new curriculum was introduced, marked over 700 points in the TOEIC. The Department has also a wide variety of the subjects to develop students’English proficiency for strategy to certificate examination and Presentation in English. Besides the regular courses in a class room, the Department carries out a freshman camp seminar, which all first year students attend under the slogan, ‘Let’s speak English and make friends.’ and English training camp for those who are interested. Both camps are held for one night and two days.

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