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Graduate School

Graduate School

Economics Graduate Courses
(Master’s and Doctor’s Courses)

Business Administration Graduate Courses
(Master’s and Doctor’s Courses)

Language Communication Graduate Course
(Master’s Course)

Sociology Graduate Courses
(Master’s Course and Doctor’s Course)

Law Graduate Course
(Master’s Course)

Clinical Pharmacy Graduate Course
(Doctor’s Course)

In order to advance the functions of Matsuyama University further, the master’s course of economics was established in 1972. The doctor’s course (second-half doctor’s course) of economics was opened in 1974, master’s course of business administration was established in 1979, and doctor’s coursed (second-half doctor’s course) of business administration was open in 1981. The graduate course of economics has turned out students with doctor’s degrees. The master’s and doctor’s courses of sociology were established in 2006. The master’s course of language communication was established in 2007. The doctor’s courses of clinical pharmacy was established in 2014.
 The goal of the Graduate School is training students to acquire capability required for special occupations from a wide viewpoint. Students aiming to acquire licensed tax accountant’s qualification will have a privilege of immunity from the state-run tax law examination and a part of the state-run accountancy examination if the students complete specified seminars at the Graduate School.
 The Graduate School started accepting members of society from companies. Along with local surveys and social activities including on-the-job training, the Graduate School has been further deepening exchange with the local community.
 The graduate course of sociology cultivates people who aim at their career improvement in the fields of information and media, local community problems, and welfare medical treatment.

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